Windows of Opportunity

Windows of Opportunity is a fundraiser for Accelerated Schools and historic Fitzroy Place. This year’s proceeds are earmarked for the Outdoor Classroom & Preservation Fund of Fitzroy Place. Participants can Sponsor a “Windows of Opportunity” flower box for $200. (See Donor form or call for variations) These beautiful custom flower boxes may be taken home by the Donor, or displayed in the windows of Fitzroy Place. For those of you that choose boxes at the school, an engraved brass plate will be affixed to the flower box and will include: Donor’s name, a short quote (if desired) and the date of your Sponsorship. As requested by the Donor, funds are distributed for the Outdoor Classroom only, the Fitzroy Preservation Fund only, or shared equally between both. For those of you participating now, you get the bonus of having an appropriate created Fall window box, and when spring arrives, it will be replanted again with your designated choice of flowers, giving you a FULL “year” of Sponsorship! If you do not wish to sponsor a flower box, you can designate any amount and direct where you wish your donation to be used.

This project augments our science classes by giving students another “hands on” approach to learning in our school. By creating this outdoor classroom, it offers our teachers the ability to work in the “ultimate atmosphere” and enhance the learning experience for each and every one of our students. Also, because Accelerated Schools will not be using the space 100% of the time, we will be offering use by University Park residents on a space available basis! Families and friends may come and go as they please, to care for their garden, as long as it is reserved in their name(s). Only residents of University Park may reserve one of the raised garden beds for the season or use the outdoor classroom. The Outdoor Classroom will offer a great new venue to UP residents with seating for 24 – 30 people and a “Speaking Arbor” along with a whiteboard. It may be reserved for small meetings, speaking engagements or a family get together, when available. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity as a University Park resident!

When the project was thought up, a quote from “Lady Bird” Johnson’s, came to mind: “My criteria for the project are that it receive the fullest use, that it can be maintained easily, and that the desire emanate from the neighborhood and its people.” This was during her “Beautification” initiative while her husband was President. It seems like a great summation for this project!

We hope you will join us and be a part of this “Beautification” project of Fitzroy Place. Help us make a great and long lasting impression with flowers, vegetables and gardens abound! Participate for our students, participate for our neighbors in University Park, and participate for Fitzroy Place!


Thank you for participating in the "Windows of Opportunity" event!

NOTE: Variations may occur due to flower availability.

WINDOW BOX Sponsorship is $200.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for completetion of your window box.

Complete information below for window boxes displayed at the school


"Windows of Opportunity" is a fundraising event for the completion of the Outdoor Classroom / Neighborhood Garden located on the grounds of Fitzroy Place and Accelerated Schools.