Preservation Fund

Fitzroy Place also known as the Iliff Mansion is home of Accelerated Schools. Fitzroy Place is a Denver historic landmark.  As stewards for the buildings, Accelerated Schools is responsible for all three  buildings on the property. The Mansion, the Carriage House and the Care Takers House/Little House make up Accelerated Schools.  

The Care Takers House was the first building on the property and it was built in 1890.  The foreman lived in the “Little House” during the time the mansion was being built. It took two years to build the mansion.  She is a grand old lady.  

Accelerated Schools is a non-profit organization and is a 501(c)(3) corporation. The school derives funding from tuition; however, the buildings and land do not have a funding source.  As stewards for the land and buildings, we do fund raising events to maintain the building and grounds.

The three most critical issues are as follows:

· Roof replacement.

· Window replacements and upgrades to the 99 windows in the mansion.

· Regrading the property around the building to divert water away from the foundation.

Thank you for your consideration in helping our beautiful building as we continue to help students succeed academically.

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