Tutoring & Learning Center Denver

The Accelerated Schools Learning Center is one of Denver’s best resources for individualized tutoring instruction in reading comprehension, vocabulary development, math, English grammar and composition. Our tutoring emphasizes immersion into the academic topic, along with daily homework if necessary, and study skills. We tutor students in grades 1st thru 12th and offer ACT / SAT College prep services too.

Reading problems are one of the main reasons parents turn to Accelerated Schools Tutoring, and rightfully so. The development of reading comprehension skills is the foundation of our educational curriculum and one of the most important functions of life. Learning, in our culture, is based on the ability to read. The inability to read in early grades creates an enormous gap in a student’s learning rates.

Children who have difficulty learning to read may avoid that task for the rest of their lives. Many students learn to give up and believe reading is not a possibility. Telling these students, “you can do better” will only add to their sense of defeat. In the face of such stress, these once eager students may act out or withdraw entirely from the learning process. If students are behind in the development of their reading comprehension skills, the problem must be swiftly addressed. It will not “go away” without intervention. With distractions that our children face today, it’s easy for many to get off track and fall behind. Our tutoring offers a fresh place to start. Tutoring at our Learning Center is available weekday afternoons and on Saturday’s, any time during the year. Contact the school to discuss your family’s needs and schedule testing for your child.

For the best Tutoring in Denver call 303.758.2003 or click here to fill out our contact form.