Middle School Program

Middle school is often described as the most difficult by both students and families. At Accelerated Schools, we make this transitional time a little easier to traverse. Because of the individualized nature of our school and a broad range of ages in the classrooms, mixing middle and high school students together for some of the day, our staff and students are better able to overcome adversity that confronts teen’s during this time of their life.

If your child is having a difficult time in another school, or if the middle school experience is feeling seemingly, too much to bear, Accelerated Schools is able to help. Our dedicated staff and decades of experience help smooth the road of what can be a turbulent time for many of today’s youth.

Contact us to schedule your child for free testing today. During this time of a student’s life, it is imperative to address issues that arise without procrastination. It will dictate the outcome of so many events in your child’s future.

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