International Student Program

Welcome International Students

For the past 45 years, Accelerated Schools Foundation has been committed to international student success as a private, nonprofit organization, accredited by the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges.  We offer programs that are available all year round, and students may start any time they choose to. Open enrollment is something that will help you join us quickly and easily to start a new page of living abroad. International students are warmly welcomed into our family and are encouraged to bring a positive attitude and an open mind to contribute to our small community. The target language used on the school grounds is, of course, English. 

The International Student Program takes pride in offering quality, individualized services to our international guests. Our friendly, student-oriented on-campus staff, host parents, and outside agents are available throughout the studies. A team of professionals is here to meet the needs of every teenager. Take advantage of our specialized academic counseling, expert visa/practical training guidance, on-going personalized advising, homestay services, and off-campus student activities to make your educational experience in the U.S. unforgettable. 

Fluency in spoken English is one of our goals, and we are a natural environment for foreign kids to learn and practice their language skills. As a matter of fact, observers and students have been surprised at the rapid growth of our Accelerated Schools students who can function easily in the English-speaking community just after a few months.

About Accelerated Schools

Dedicated to excellence in education through independent study, using individually prescribed instructional and motivational systems, our core values reflect the basic philosophy of this organization. Our curriculum is designed to improve any student's performance in every academic area. We focus on reading and writing for the students to be better able to meet college requirements.

Some students progress so rapidly that even those who start below a grade level are making measurable progress after one or two semesters. All courses include supplemental or enrichment materials so students can experience continuous challenges on their way to success. Teachers are available to provide support and/or feedback at any point during class time. Remedial grammar / vocabulary supplemental materials are used individually as needed.

Program Designed for International Students

- Program Designed for International Students

- Authorized to issue I-20 student visas

- At Accelerated, you can start any day of the year

- 12-month enrollment period available

- Provides boarding with American host families

- Taught by certified and experienced ESL teachers

- College Preparatory Programs for SAT/ACT

- Low student / teacher ratio

- Emphasis on exam prep, reading, math, and language

- Includes study skills techniques to improve listening, speaking, and writing

- Social and cultural activities

- Educational field trips at least twice a month

- Small groups and pair-work approach

- P.E. and fine arts available as electives

- Relaxed and friendly atmosphere

Boarding Facilities With Host Families

International students typically live with selected host families. Preferred placement with a "host family" provides valuable attention and some social activities for the international student. The supportive family environment provided by our host parents has proven most effective for academic and social success. 

The families we recommend have been screened and trained to support our positive reinforcement program. Some host families have other children in their homes or their own children have grown and left to start adult life. This gives our host parents a valuable perspective in dealing with our foreign students.

International kids are treated as members of the family and are responsible for cleaning their own room. They are expected to keep reasonable sleeping hours that allow them to be functional at school and follow tailored rules for each family situation. The host family's geographical location within the metro area isn't critical as transportation is provided by Accelerated Schools.