High School Program

The Accelerated Schools Private High School in Denver emphasizes grade gains, graduation, and academic success. Our very low student-teacher ratios allow us to track and instruct each student based on their individual needs. Students can start at any time during the year.

They often come to us needing to earn credit in a particular subject or in order to graduate. Others come to get help with a particular subject. Our extensive staff allows students to remediate virtually any credit needed to graduate or qualify for college.

Other students attend to accelerate their high school graduation. The school operates year-round, and offers class on Saturdays and in the evening. Motivated students can complete high school in three years. Classes are structured in such a way that tasks are straightforward and easily performed. Consequently, the vast majority of class time is spent exploring the academic topic. Very little time is spent on giving instructions, leaving the teacher free to offer individual help where needed. Homework assignments are limited to one hour per evening and are usually the same for everyone, although the homework can also be structured to remediate specific needs. The classwork is writing intensive. Math is done as independent study, again allowing students to work at their own pace and get as much assistance as they need. Over the last thirty years these techniques have resulted in grade gains in subject areas approximately every forty hours.

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