Elementary School Program

The Accelerated Schools’ elementary program in Denver focuses on students’ individual needs. Our students work at their own pace and all subjects are integrated. Interdisciplinary learning means that science topics, for example, are incorporated into the math, language arts, and literature classes. At our top private grade school in Denver, students are actively involved in the learning process with many hands on activities, in Accelerated Schools elementary. Classes have afternoon events, Monday thru Thursday. These excursions include visits to the library, the zoo, the museum, and many other educational locales throughout the metro area, or can simply be one of our many beautiful parks. One of our most popular is the IMAX theater in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The students enjoy these afternoon activities tremendously, and it is another example of our unique approach to teaching.

This year, we expanded our Elementary school curriculum to include Art and Spanish classes, as well as regularly scheduled social skills classes. Students are enthusiastic and benefit greatly from the uniqueness of the Accelerated Elementary school program.

“My husband and I wanted to express our gratitude to the Accelerated School Staff for assisting us in helping our son, Anthony, attend for the remainder of his second grade year. It has been such a relief to work with staff/faculty that truly cares about our child’s welfare and takes such an active role in the development of students. We chose Accelerated Schools because we feel the curriculum and structure nurture aspects that translate into all phases of life – Confidence, Creativity, Respect and Accountability. We feel that the individualized program will help our son achieve academic excellence and empower him for life-long success. Thank you.” Jennifer D