Academic Programs

Accelerated Schools offers highly competitive curricula for students who are gifted and talented, as well as those students who need remediation. Our scope of special education kids includes ADHD, ADD, bipolar, Asperger’s, OCD, anxiety, depression, attachment disorder, etc. We value each and every individual who comes here to get help. It’s a great environment for young adults to learn and appreciate the opportunities and diversity we have at this learning sanctuary.

All student enrollments are individualized; students may start any day of the year. Due to this unique model, the graduation date can be different from the traditional end of May event. A student’s studies are completed when attendance and academic requirements are met and the student is ready to move on.

Our instructors use Google Classroom and educational websites to help students succeed in different areas. Scholars are expected to write research papers and essays in different subjects. Test preparation is a huge part of the curriculum for juniors and seniors as they are approaching college. We want our students to be equipped for adult life after they graduate, which is why Financial Planning is taught in high school for the future success of our scholars.

An average student-teacher ratio of 7:1 allows substantial faculty-student interaction. Each student receives a report card at the end of every school day. This daily evaluation ensures a close and constant screening of the student’s progress toward fulfilling identified needs.

Students are graded on a scale from 0 to 10 in each class period. In order to earn points, students are expected to be in seat, on task, and working. No failing grades are given at the end of the quarter. If a student has not mastered a subject adequately, an “incomplete” status is given until they meet the minimum requirements for a passing grade. Final grades are based upon the average of the daily scores and the demonstration of mastery in the subject.

Two happy students after school

In 1990, the School added an ESL version of its Accelerated Thinking procedures (listening, memory, speaking, and writing), which has rapidly improved the speaking and writing fluency of its ESL students. Results have been documented by improved TOEFL, mastery, and standardized test scores and by the number of writing portfolios completed.

Accelerated Schools specializes in preparing all students in the English as a Second Language program for more advanced college courses. It offers both regular and intensive tracks toward a certificate of completion from its International Student Department.

Some students stay at the School after earning their diploma for more college prep, TOEFL prep, intensive English, or other college courses. The Accelerated Advanced Studies program is a great way to become more competitive in college while mastering more of the English language.