Letter from Director

Each year brings additional challenges and, without a doubt, our hands-on approach allows us to quickly direct our limited resources to where they are most needed. This year was no different in that regard, but perhaps it was extraordinary in another way. As those who have experienced our school know, we adjust and “personalize” our programs to ensure that the needs of the children are satisfied. This success stems from our fundamental dedication, responsiveness and flexibility in adapting to the changing needs of our students. Yet, as this fundamental characteristic of our Organization defines us, we must also maintain the ability to broaden our reach and acquire necessary funding to meet the demand for our unique institution.

You see, we are great at what we do. We have been for over 40 years. However, we turn students away that need us, simply because they cannot afford to pay tuition. As much as we would like, it is not realistic to provide scholarships to all those in need. As we experience these extraordinary economic times and the accompanying hardships, I have witnessed the true fiber of our community! We have seen unprecedented participation from our neighbors, our students’ families and from Organizations throughout United States. This testifies to the accomplishment of our mission and that we are providing a necessary service to our community.

Thank you all for supporting us, we cannot do it without you. Please continue to be involved with Accelerated Schools in whatever way you can. Allow us to share the success that we have had with your child, with another child. Our mission is true, our mission is necessary and our mission is to serve the children that need us. Join us, won’t you?


Michelle Tuengel, Executive Director