Yes, Accelerated Schools has a special International Student Program designed for students from other counties. The common language used at the school is English. Our English as a Second Language program is designed to help International students master the English Language at their level while they attend school. Students live with selected and trained American “Host Families”. Host Families are trained to support our positive reinforcement program. Through the years, Accelerated Schools has provided education in the English language to hundreds of students from every continent in the world.

Our goal is to produce highly skilled students who have a positive attitude toward themselves. They have greater self-esteem, are more goal-oriented, are college bound and ready to move to the next level, have explored some careers and are career-minded and, in general, better global citizens.

At Accelerated Schools, we do not use such labeling. Everyone becomes a “Winner” when they work at their optimum level. There is nothing wrong for a child to be an average student, but we know that he or she can be much more than average in our program.

Yes, of course. We do not know of any school that offers as wide of a choice of courses as Accelerated Schools. Courses range from anatomy to zoology. We also offer a wide range of foreign language courses. Students learn from supplemental online academic courses to website development in the computer science courses.

Every student needs a solid background in the basics. Today’s workforce is required to have many skills, and many people do more than one person’s job. We recognize the importance of a well-rounded global citizen and therefore introduce our students to many areas of academics, complimented with the latest technological skills.

Yes, we will. We will support the student in his or her efforts to complete all of his or her requirements.

We have a special guarantee. After free diagnostic testing, we can determine the maximum cost to raise your student to a specific level. The maximum cost of the enrollment is fixed and it will not increase until after we have completed our part of the agreement. If it takes more hours to reach the pre-determined improvement, the cost will remain unchanged.

Due to the individual nature of our programs, the tuition varies based on length of enrollment.

There are no additional book or material fees. Activity fees such as skiing are not included. Please contact us at 303.758.2003 to request a current schedule of enrollment costs.

All of the students experience a lot of successes on a daily basis. We set up a positive motivational system to support each student in his or her successes.

We have a special course to teach students necessary academic test-taking skills. They learn to succeed and master test-taking and develop new attitudes about taking standardized achievement tests.

Yes, we are able to deal with and teach a student to compensate for many learning problems. We are successful with some minimally mentally handicapped and brain injured children as well. These students may have to be enrolled on a best effort, hourly arrangement. In some cases a special guarantee can be written.

Our part-time school is open between 9:30 AM and 6 PM on weekdays and 9 AM until 2 PM on Saturdays. Full-time program is scheduled from 9:30 AM until 3:30 PM (Monday through Thursday) and 9:30 AM until 1:30 PM on Friday. Students may attend Saturdays from 9 Am till 2 PM.

Because of the individualized educational program, a student may start at any time after entire standardized achievement testing has been completed.

There are no age restrictions. Because of the individualized instruction, we are able to work with students of any age level from pre-school through college level.

We at Accelerated Schools serve a diverse student population, that is, very bright students who need additional challenges to benefit from their education. Many students do extraordinary work here and in college, but are performing far below their potential.

More than 70 percent of the students test above grade level when they enter the school. About 20 percent test at an average grade level. About 10 percent of the students have some kind of learning differences.

Most students who attend one or two years will make major gains and quickly score above grade level. This rapid improvement enables students to learn and practice habits of high-level academic achievement. The challenging curriculum includes Advanced Placement and college level materials. Continuous positive reinforcement and the experience of success, their attitude, motivation and effort improve dramatically.

Accelerated Schools and its dedicated teachers also specialize in working with students with a variety of learning difficulties.