Faculty & Staff

Accelerated Schools employs carefully screened professionals in every area of administration and instruction. All teachers are certified or eligible for certification in the specific fields of their assignments, and all have a specialty that complements the background of their associates.

Many teachers hold advanced degrees in education, special education, psychology, sociology, mathematics, and reading. Each teacher must also complete extensive independent study courses in behavior and computer classroom management.

In addition to the teaching staff, head teachers and educational counselors with special training in behavior management analyze the education background and factors of psychological motivation affecting each student. They hold regular conferences with students and parents throughout the school year.

Because the faculty holds itself responsible for the student’s education, weekly staff-training and review sessions are held. This allows the entire staff the opportunity to contribute to an individual’s progress.

Georgina Bruce

High School Instructor


Georgina earned her Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences from Trinity College and a Master’s degree in Geology from Colorado School of Mines. She also took classes in Astrophysics at UC Berkeley and spent time at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii. Georgina has taught geology at ACC and CCD in Colorado, and has taught STEM classes in various high schools overseas and in the U.S.. Her class in ballroom dancing at Bethlehem Lutheran School in Denver was transmitted by a local TV station.

April de Roin

High School and Middle School Instructor


April has a BA in Liberal Arts and Education from Colorado Christian University with endorsements in Elementary, Science Secondary, and Health K-12. She has experience in elementary 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th; middle school math, science, French, drama, and dance; high school health, and physics; and college health occupations. April is also a retired RN with a BSN from the University of Colorado. She is completing her Anthropology degree at the University of Colorado. She has published health articles, spoken at the CDC, and has a fossil find in a museum.

Andrew Ellis

High School Instructor


Andrew has his Master’s in economics and an MBA in finance from the University of Colorado. He has taught upper-level math, college-credit economics, and various other subjects for 10+ years in the United States, Latin America, Turkey, and China.

Valerie Montano

Music Instructor


Valerie earned her Bachelor of Music degree from Indiana University, Master of Music degree from the University of Arizona, and Professional Teacher License from the University of Missouri in Kansas City. She has taught music at every level, from preschool through college and post-graduate students including Avila University, Jefferson County, Cherry Creek, and Colorado Springs School Districts. She has over forty years of teaching experience. Valerie is the founder and artistic director of the Denver Chorale.

Deborah Sharp

MicroSchool Instructor


Debby has a Masters in Education from Framingham State University in Massachusetts.  Debby started her teaching career in Fairfax, VA where she worked for 13 years as a Kindergarten, First and Second grade teacher in Fairfax County Public Schools. Debby was the Science Lead teacher at Flint Hill Elementary in Vienna, VA where she helped her school become a Green School. Debby moved to Denver in 2013 and recently left Denver Public schools where she worked as a First Grade teacher for three years.


Evan Simpson

Middle School and High School Instructor- Activities Coordinator


Evan Simpson is a Colorado native and received his Bachelor’s in English Education from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. He has worked as a youth counselor and mentor for traditional schools as well as outdoor education programs and is now in his fifth year of classroom teaching. He works to have students engaged in their own education by helping them find their passions and interest.

Jane T. Queen

Executive Director


Jane has Bachelor of Science with a major in Science and a minor in Education. She has been with Accelerated Schools since 1979. Jane was nominated by the Colorado Counselor Association as Counselor of the Year. Jane recruits and enrolls new students and provides academic and behavioral counseling for students and parents.

Aundrea McCormick



Aundrea has a Bachelor’s of Science with a major in Physical Education and minor in Health from the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville, AR. She also holds a TESOL Certification from the International Language Institute in Washington, D.C. She obtained her principal's license and Master’s degree in Teaching and Learning from CSU-Global. Aundrea spent seven years as a collegiate basketball coach, instructor, and academic advisor. In addition, Aundrea has also been an ESL, English, and Reading teacher. Most recently, she managed an SES program in both Denver and Aurora Public Schools.

Michelle Tuengel

Senior Associate Director and Admissions


Michelle earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Metropolitan State College with a minor in Reading. She earned her teaching license in 1994 and has 16+  years’ experience in education. Michelle is the coordinator for the Middle and Elementary schools at Accelerated Schools as well as recruiting and enrolling new students. She enjoys studying genealogy and traveling.

Daniel R. Toomey

Recruitment, Admissions and High School Instructor


Daniel has a bachelor’s and a masters degree in Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado. In 2015, he completed an Educational Leadership (Principalship MEd) from Arizona State University. He has been teaching in private schools for the past thirty-three years. He taught at Denver Academy for twenty-eight years, Humanex Academy for six, and had the pleasure of teaching on Hickham Airforce base in Honolulu, Hawaii for a year before he was recruited back to Denver.

Kyle Pepper

Educational Recruiter and Enrollment Counselor


Kyle has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In 2016, he completed a Master’s in Strategic Human Resource Management from the University of Denver. He has worked as a small-group, intensive math tutor for 4th graders in Denver Public Schools and as a job coach/instructional assistant in a school providing life and vocational skills to students with autism and other developmental disabilities. Before joining Accelerated Schools, Kyle worked as a technical IT recruiter.

Nadean Johnson

Transportation and Security Director


Nadean has been in the security field for more than 16 years. Her training includes TEAM training (Techniques for Effective Aggression Management), de-escalation, first aid, and CPR certification. She takes great pride in keeping Accelerated Schools’ students, staff, and campus safe. In addition, as Director of Transportation she is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all the transportation vehicles, along with scheduling student routes for pick-up and drop-off. Nadean is a Colorado Native, has two cats, two parrots, and enjoys gardening in the summer.

Craig Havel

Maintenance Supervisor


Craig is a skilled tradesman with over 21 years of experience in new home construction. He spent the last 13 years serving as Facilities Manager at Bear Creek Church in Lakewood, Colorado. Craig also worked with special needs students twice a week from the local High School by offering a Community Living course, which helped to prepare the students for living independently.