About Accelerated Schools

Accelerated Schools is the best accredited private school in Denver, CO which offers individualized programs for students who are gifted and talented as well as for those students who may need remediation. With an average class size of 7 students, each student is enrolled with a personalized curriculum relevant to their individual needs. This allows each student to be prepared for the next level based on an individualized learning plan.

At Accelerated Schools we offer High School, Middle School and Elementary School classes with open enrollment. Any student may begin classes any day, year-round. If you find that your child has fallen behind for any reason, we can help. Our average class size of fewer than 7 students will give them the academic attention they need. Our students receive no failing grades, and the effectiveness of our program has proven itself year after year since 1966. If a student is lagging in a subject, the teacher emphasizes the curriculum in that skill until they master the requirements for that subject.

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We serve a variety of international students

Get the support you need as an international student- we even help with setting up your host homes!

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